DeCaprio CPA & Associates, P.C.
Valuation, Forensic & Litigation Support, LLC

Business Valuation

If your business needs a professional valuation, you want to make sure you have an expert who understands the complex issues involved in an accurate and defensible valuation.  We have a diverse expertise, including valuating companies in industries such as construction, real estate, manufacturing and distribution, family investments, wholesale and retail, healthcare practice, high-tech firms and professional services firms.  Our specialists are experienced Certified Public Accountants with valuation certifications including Accredited in Business Valuation (ABV) and Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA).  In addition,we are qualified as expert witnesses on financial and business matters in Federal court and a number of local jurisdictions.

We can expertly assist you in the following areas:

Business Valuation

Forensic Accounting

Mergers & Acquisitions

Family Law

Expert Witness Testimony

Shareholder/Partner Disputes

Tracing Assets

Damage Calculations

Purchase Price Allocations

Impairement Testing

Transfer Pricing Analysis


Forensic Accounting & Litigation Consulting

We provide a broad spectrum of forensic accounting and litigation services. These areas require the ability to interpret and communicate financial information in a clear and effective manner—often in a court of law. We draw from extensive experience in private industry and public practice to collect, evaluate, interpret and communicate complex financial information. We provide invaluable support throughout the entire process, from the early stages of investigation and fact development to providing clear and compelling expert testimony.

Valuation, Forensic & Litigation Support, LLC is:

  • Well-versed in many significant aspects of litigation services, from investigative accounting to detailed computation of damages to providing expert witness testimony.
  • Staffed for rapid response. We perform well in the high-pressure, dynamic litigation environment. We anticipate requirements and adapt quickly to changing needs.
  • Recognized for our objectivity and good judgment. We are well-respected in the legal community for applying the same standards of integrity to every case.
  • Committed to excellence. Every document we prepare for a client is reviewed for quality and clarity.


Forensic and Litigation services include:

  • Expert witness testimony
  • Reconstruction of books and records
  • Forensic accounting, such as:   
    • Tracing cash flow information to determine sources and uses of cash
    • Search for hidden assets or diversion of funds
    • Fraudulent conveyance analysis
    • Review propriety of transactions
  • Investigation of improper or fraudulent practices and assessment of their financial impact
  • Solvency analysis
  • Computation of damages or lost profits


Qualifications of the firm include the following:

  • Certified by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants as Certified Public Accountant with an Accreditation in Business Valuation (CPA/ABV)
  • National Association of Consultants, Valuators and Analysts (CVA)
  • Certified in Financial Forensics (CPA/CFF)
  • Certified Forensic Accountant (CRFAC)
  • Diplomate of American Board of Forensic Accountants (DABFA)
  • Appointed by the courts as neutral business appraisers
  • Recognized as expert witnesses in federal and state courts on valuation matters
  • Certified Specialist in Estate Planning (CSEP)